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COVID-19 Policies and Updates

CVSA Policy and Procedure

CVSA strictly adheres to all guidance set forth by USA Hockey, VSAHA, VOSHA, ACCD 9.1 and Governor Scott's Executive Orders.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance for full compliance with guidance on/off the ice. Our season depends on it. We all must be fully transparent when choosing to participate in our sessions. CVSA has been extremely cautious, and we NEED all our Hockey Families to approach each session with the same level of care for our community. Every chance we have to play this season is a bonus. There is no state tournament. Missing a practice or game to better ensure our season is a small price to pay if there is any concern.

  1. Treat anyone outside your household as if they are a positive case. Wear your mask, maintain 6’ and wash your hands well and often.
  2. Should any member of our association become sick or have known close contact to a confirmed positive case, please contact Renée Grzankowski, CVSA’s Player Safety Coordinator, immediately to best ensure we can contain any potential outbreaks and maintain our season. As previously outlined, every effort will be taken to maintain confidentiality, but all positive cases must be logged and tracked in accordance with Vermont Heath Department guidance. Expectations of Families are defined in VSAHA Return to Play Guidelines 2020-2021
    1. Let us know if your player or household member has tested positive or been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19.  
    2. Stay home for a minimum of 10 days since symptoms first appeared and until there is no fever for at least three days without medication AND improvement of other symptoms.
    3. Siblings and household members should also stay home for 14 days and follow the VDH Quarantine Guidance on when to return. 
  3. Please exercise best judgement when deciding to attend a practice or game. Even a headache is reason to stay home in our new world and we all should be able to answer any of these potential CDC sourced questions with a negative upon arrival at the rink. 

We understand younger skaters may need assistance with responses but all individuals must be honest when answering these questions and consider the following symptoms for the last 24 hours.   UPDATE: Effective 01/04/2021, CVSA returned to the rink with an online health screening and traffic pattern for practices. (Links below.)

Fever (>100.4 F/38 C)


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle pain or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting



Have you traveled from or reside outside Vermont?

Have you or a household member had known exposure to a COVID+ individual in the last 14 days? (You can also test after 7 days and then return with a negative result.)

Have you or a household member been named a close contact or asked to quarantine by the Dept of Health?

Have you gathered with more than one trusted household in the last 14-days?

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Effective 01/04/2021:  
Required Health Screening Mandatory Unloading/Loading Procedure


CVMCC Rink Protocols & Processes

We have many safety protocols in place, some beyond the strictly adhered to federal and state guidelines.

  1. Rosters for players and coaches must be submitted prior for check-in/attendance at the door.  Please see visitor section below for requirements.
  2. Each person entering the rink must also furnished a signed waiver.
  3. Visting team will enter via left (when facing rink) entrance doors  - look for Visitor sign on door.   
  4. During this check-in, a health screening is performed, including a temperature check. (See potential questions above.)
  5. Limited admittance into the rink
  6. No spectators
  7. No use of locker rooms
  8. Masking requirements at all times on/off the ice at CVMCC
  9. Extra time between user groups for additional cleaning at the rink and use of alternating entrances.
  10. Cleaning procedures now include use of electrostatic sprayers and airing out the rink.
  11. CVMCC uses Vital Oxide through Disentech.

Visiting Teams

  1. USA Rosters or Contact Tracing Form must be submitted prior to arrival. Such form must be in alphabetical order and include at least first/last names, contact phone number and a blank field where temperature values will be recorded. Every PLAYER and COACH must be on this roster when attempting to enter CVMCC as part of their COVID screening at the door. If you do not have a roster or form that meets this requirement, please use this template.
  2. Each person named on the roster/contact form who will enter the Civic Center must sign their waiver. To avoid delays entering the rink, please have one prepared before approaching the health screening line.
  3. Temperatures will be taken during a health screening required for admittance. Please see possible questions above, including references to Vermont residency and recent travel outside our state. Update: Beginning 2/12/2021 visiting team members must furnish this Eligibility Questionnaire for admittance into the rink. Only one form is required per household. (i.e. a coach and their skaters may present a single form, listing all rostered household members, when approaching the entrance as a single household unit for temperature checks.)
  4. Masks are mandatory and must be worn by everyone AT ALL TIMES – both on/off the ice.
  5. Players and coaches should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled ice time and vacate the premise within 15 minutes of the conclusion of their session.
  6. Update 2/12/2021: When entering the lot, please head straight back to the UPPER LOT, behind the rink and park up there. Those entering the rink should then approach the doors through the roped off chute on the right (when facing rink) entrance doors - look for Visitor sign on the door.  Waivers and Eligibility Questionnaires should be in hand.
  7. Restrooms are accessible as needed but locker rooms, including showers, are closed. Please arrive dressed for games or plan to don your equipment outside, by your vehicle. Skates may be laced inside, if required.
  8. Occupancy restrictions have limited team sizes. Rosters, including all players and coaches, cannot exceed 20 persons and there are NO spectators allowed in CVMCC at this time. Update: Beginning 11/14, LiveBarn will broadcast CVSA games hosted at the Civic Center.
  9. Water fountains may be used to fill bottles, but the direct drinking bubbler is disabled and covered.